My thoughts: Missha Complete BB Cream #23 Review

10:18 PM

Meet my favorite bb cream to date, the Missha Complete in shade #23!
This is the second bb cream I’ve tried ever. The first was the Missha Perfect Cover in shade #23. It was too gray and my mom liked it much better. It also suited her skin much better than mine. On to the review!

I have the 50 ML by the ways. It has an awesome pump! Very hygienic! The hard outer plastic shell is pretty sturdy I suppose. I throw it in travel bags and tend to not be very careful with my things (yes I know it’s a bad thing K ). It’s kind of bulky when I have a whole bunch of stuff in my bag though.

I’d say it has a yellow undertone. It blends in very well with my winter skin color (nc 25-30). It also covers my scars very well when I use it with either my fingers or my E.L.F flat top powder brush!

The texture is dreamy! Ahaha I think so at least! It’s so smooth and feels so nice! It’s not suffocating on my skin at all! The texture is very light and not drying at all. 

I’d say it has a semi-dewy finish. It doesn’t make me super oily and it lasts and stays fresh from the time I put it on til I get home. Sometimes I wouldn’t get home until 8:30 P.M and left the house at 6:45 A.M so I thought that was AWESOME! Of course, I have to blot with my oil paper things occasionally but I didn’t always. I don’t use anything to set it either.

I got it for $23 on amazon a year ago and still have a good amount left. I think the price is definitely worth it! I use it pretty much everyday and I don't use that much because I only put it on my trouble spots (my cheeks, any other random spots)

It has a light hard to describe smell. Less baby powdery smelling than the Missha Perfect Cover. I don’t find it super offensive at all and quite tolerable and I think it smells good!

It can be light/medium coverage but I think its buildable! It doesn’t get cakey or anything.

Extra Notes:
I think that this product is awesome. It claims to have natural ingredients and lighten the skinon the box and I do notice that my scars are lighter but I’m not sure if it’s because they naturally fade but I mean, I use this product almost every day! It also has SPF 25 PA ++! I have super sensitive/acne prone skin and it doesn't do a thing to disturb the peace.

Any questions? If you do have any let me know! I hope this was informative in some way shape or form.

[[quick disclaimer!]] I bought this with my own money! Not associated with Missha or anything. 100% my honest opinion!

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