Kawaii Haul and Date with the bf :]

11:23 PM

So today boyfriend and I just walked around the city and explored and ate! mmm love days like these!


over all shot of the goodies boyfriend decided to spoil me O_O felt kind of guilty here. Everything was super cute in the store I was going nuts! He was getting pretty overwhelmed too and kept showing me more things ahaha! He really wanted this super cool trash can out of everything in the store... He is def one of the best shopping buddies besides my cousin M  ♥

Sooooo I lost my lego cable winder -___- yes the one from the yesstyle haul. Sigh. I couldn't resist these awesome chicken cable winders!

I wasn't even planning to get anything else besides the cable winder but uhm well, boyfriend saw this pencil and was like "look they're wrestling! and that one is holding an apple, so cute yo!". BF's favorite fruit is an apple and there are 2 ducks on the pen soo well you can see where that lead! 

This was the tag for the cellphone keychain and I thought it was SUPER adorable. Boyfriend makes me smile :] I don't ask for anything he just kind of likes to get me random little surprises every now and then. He definitely doesn't need to buy me anything to make me happy and smile as cheesy and cliche as that sounds. I feel super fortunate to have such a thoughtful caring boyfriend in my life! 

SURPRISE HUBBY BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS POST! ahaha I customized the back of my cellphone keychain using the stickers and a pen. teehee. Love you!

NOMNOMNOM! I got my usual fried squid over rice and he ALWAYS gets fried rice. Tis his favorite.

Just a pretty fountain we stopped to sit at. We walked A LOT! I'm going to be sore tomorrow. -_-;

our sore soles. vans ftw!

good night world! zzZZZzzZZzzzz

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  1. Ngawww this is just adorable ! :) Loving the phone chain ! Is it like a Red Riding Hood-esque design ? x) <3

  2. @geebambino
    teeheee thank you! yes it does kind of resemble little red riding hood!


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