Covering My Tired Panda Eyes

3:17 PM

I love pandas and all but I do not enjoy the panda eyes! I think you college/university students will definitely agree with me on this one! Anyone really but especially us students who stay up late nights and have to roll out of bed super duper tired.

I got this Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21 for free during a special promotion on their website awhile back and was like O_O; "This is so light!! How the heck am I going to use this thing?!" Turns out it works great as an under eye concealer/highlighter! I also use it to mix in with darker foundation to match my skin perfectly. I'm probably around the NC30/NC35 range right now since it is fall and my tan is fading.

I've used the #23 on my face before and it did not break me out so I knew this would not irritate my sensitive/acne prone skin. I don't know why but I always feel like Asian products suit my Asian skin better XD Is that just me? It blends into my skin really quickly and easily (I just use my ring finger to apply it). Doesn't dry too slow or fast either. My under eye dark-ness isn't too bad but you can definitely see the difference between with and without! Hope this helped!

*not associated with Missha, kind of sort of bought this myself since I bought something from them to get this for free :D *

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  1. I got it too!! I also got free deal, right? I got excited and bought 3 LOL

  2. @Vyvy
    YEUP! :D ahaha no shame in stocking up when its on sale! and its freeeeeee (minus shipping!)


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