My Thoughts: Tony Moly Fruit Princess Lip Gloss

2:18 PM

I was walking around China Town with my boyfriend on Sunday and went into a small Asian beauty store and kind of freaked out.... ahaha! First of all, they carried my favorite hand lotion, The Etude House Missing U Panda Story! It smells sooooo gooooddd and feels so nice as well. You can see it in the background of the pictures ahaha. Anyways, that's not the point of this post.

 I also came across the Tony Moly 7 Fruit Princess lip glosses and freaked out because they were sooo adorable! There was the apple, mangosteen, and 2 other glittery ones that I have no idea which ones they were. The mangosteen reminded me of my Etude House Tint #2 so I opted out for that one even though I liked its face better than the one I ended up getting, the Strawberry Princess!

  • Packaging: ADORABLE! I really don't need to say anything else! 
  • Texture: I can't even feel anything on my lips when I have this on. No stickiness what so ever!
  • Pigmentation: Smooth, opaque color. Evenly covered my pigmented lips with a veryyy little amount of product.
  • Long lasting: No lie, lasted 12 hours after me eating and drinking constantly. It's a MIRACLE!!

I was worried it would be similar to the Etude House Tint I have in
02 but it wasn't :]

  • Expensive O_O! Long story short, if you have a paypal, buy it on ebay -___-. 
  • small bottle. 
    • it should last a long time though since you a little goes a lonnnggg way

 Final Thoughts:

  • Pretty medium pink color! Very flattering for my skin tone :]
  • very satisfied with this product!
  • If I see this for a cheaper price, I'm definitely going to get some more &hearts,

I hope this helped and was informative. Byeee ~

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  1. wow, awesome wear time! it has such cute packaging too!

  2. @Soo
    isn't it?! thank you for visiting my blog! :D

  3. so cute :3 i wanna bite their heads off lol haha
    i agree with you on tony moly being expensive which is bad because i really wanna try them :3

  4. @Jel ♡
    XD AHAHAHA! glad you agree! thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Cute stuff. :)
    now followin you. :)

    thank you :] welcome to my blog! teehee

  7. fallingmeteorFebruary 22, 2014

    I got teo of them and I was kind of disappointed because the description said nothing about glitter (yes, i got the two glittery ones lol). The "Lip Gloss" seems more like a Lip Tint with a shiny effect. I tried it on my hands and had to rub as hard as I can to remove it lmao


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