First Ebay Haul EVER! + Ebay Seller Review

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I am super duper excited about this post because :drumroll: my first purchases from EBAY have arrived!! I know you guys might be thinking... "WHY ARE YOU SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT?!" Well you guys, I have been eyeing my Korean/Japanese goodies on Ebay since forever and couldn't have a Paypal until a few weeks back. I only ordered 3 things because I don't want to over splurge! Trust me, it was hard narrowing down my wishlist to 3 things. 

The first item that I picked out was the Etude House Shini Star lip Balm in #5 Guava. I was deciding between this one and the peach one. Decided to go with this one because I thought it would be a cute pink color but it comes off a bit darker than I expected. My lips are naturally pretty pigmented though. I put chapstick on and it turns red -__-;

The second item that I got is the Tony Moly Nail polish in #11 Indian Blue. I was also deciding between this shade and the Khaki one. I heard a lot of good things about tony Moly nail polishes as well as the etude ones (next round of orders I will prob get one >:]) 

And lastly is probably my most anticipated item, Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara in #1 Power Volume! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! As seen in SBS Heroes ^^ mwahaha!

& now for the mini Ebay seller reviews  


Zinopark: I rated this seller 5/5 on all aspects of the transaction! Fast shipping, 2 free samples and everything intact! The box wasn’t squished or anything either. WOO!

Makozzang: the Last of the 3 packages to arrive. I got the other items within 3 weeks and this one came one week later and only 1 free sample. Ahaha not a deal breaker or anything but yeah. Free samples plox! 5/5

HSC Imports: came one day after the package from zinopark. I ordered nail polish from them and everything was padded nicely with 2 free samples! YAY! They also gave me a thank you note and coupon for niceeeee. 5/5 rating!

I had a very pleasant first round of transactions on ebay! I am super pleased :]
I am not affiliated with these sellers on ebay! These are my 110% honest opinions. Hope this helped!

&& I would also like to say hi to my new followers and welcome you to my blog :] I appreciate you taking interest in my blog! Welcome! :D Also a hello to all my faithful followers too! Keep a look out for the individual reviews for each item! 

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  1. Wow thanks for the recommendations :D Does the guava have a scent? eBaying is so much fun, but I've had friends scammed and ripped off before, T.T makes me somewhat cautious now

    1. my friend taught me to only buy from people who have ratings of 99.8-100 depending on the reviews :] the guava one smells somewhat like the guava candy. mmmmmm

  2. Great haul! I'm really exited, because next week I am probably going to have my very first eBay haul as well ^____^ x

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

    1. YAY :D looking forward to it!!!

  3. i've really wanted to try the shinee lipbalm!!! :3
    & thank you for sharing the sellers ^^
    i really like your blog so now following
    stop by mine sometimes ^w^

    1. :D yay! thanks so much for taking an interest in my blog teehee! keep an eye out for my full review on it! tis' coming sooonnnn!

    2. :3 you're welcome, and thanks too. haha looking forward to it.^^


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