My Thoughts: Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara #01 Power Volume Review

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Hello :]

I’m going to be using the following format from now on for reviews because I feel that it gives you a better idea of what I am personally looking for in that particular item and how it measured up to them. I know everyone has their own preferences and such and sometimes our “amazing” is someone else’s “awfulll!!!”! 


  • Volume! It has volume right in the name so that was probably my biggest expectation.
  • No clumps! I read a few reviews that said that it didn’t clump on them at all.
  • No smudging! It claims to not smudge and smear giving you panda eyes. Intriguing huh?! So it should be long lasting also.
  • Cute packaging. Yes, I admit it! I am a total sucker for cute packaging =X
  • Not a battle to remove! Some Asian mascaras are notorious for the difficulties it gives people when they try to remove it. 

it is kind of small :(  i hope it lasts a long time!

  • Definitely gives my lashes a huge lift! My natural lashes are already pretty long and curled a bit so what I look for is a little extra oomph to really make my eyes stand out. PASSED
  • It did clump a bit because sometimes too much product gets on the wand so make sure to get rid of the excess before applying! The clumps go away if you comb your lashes! Lasts all day and I never get smearing, smudging or flaking. SEMI-PASSED
  • I use the Walmart brand Oil-Free makeup remover and it comes off easily! No tugging no rubbing. I also like how it comes off in flakes and not smears all over my face.  

Extra Notes:
  • Even though I bought the Power Volume one, I noticed it had little fibers in the formula! WHAT?! I really wanted to try a fiber mascara and had no idea this one had them in there! That being said, it does give some length also! (note that my lashes are already a pretty decent length)
  • I like how the wand flexes and isn’t stiff like my trusty Maybelline Full N Soft mascara.
  • I did a mini water proof test when I had it on and splashed my face multiple times with water and It did not budge! I been wearing it for the past few days and it has been snowing/raining like crazy and it still hasn’t budged! Quite impressed!
  • I got it for $16 from the ebay seller Makozzang EXPENSIVE! This is the most I have ever paid for a mascara but I really wanted to try it because of many fan girl reasons ahaha ^^ 
  • I also like how it came sealed! WOOP!

i am not an eye torture device ^^ V!

Overall I would give it a 4/5

It would probably get a perfect score if it wasn’t expensive, hard to get a hold of in the states and didn’t clump at all. If I could find this at a cheaper price I would definitely buy it again! Hope this helps! Keep an eye out for the other 2 reviews on my other ebay items! I hope this review was helpful! Byeeeeee!

FTC: I purchased everything with my own money and this is my 110% honest opinions on them!

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  1. Thank you! I really wanted to buy this, but I wasn't really sure about it but now I'm definitely gonna buy it.

    Great review by the way!

    1. thanks! hope you like it as much as I do! :D <3

  2. Thanks for the review! I got this last week out of curiosity but I've got another mascara I've been testing so I haven't had the chance to try this one out yet.

    Are you still using this? If so, do you still like it?

  3. Hi! Thanks for reading ^^!
    I used it up last year or so and have bought other mascaras after it just because I like to try others. It's def a great mascara though and maybe one day I will repurchase it since I see the price has gone down since I first bought it! :D


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