Clothes & Accessories Haulage!

6:19 PM

Hey guys!

For those who live in the states, you will know that this past weekend was Memorial Weekend. There were tons of awesome sales going on and of course, I couldn't resit picking up some goodies Photobucket I didn't go crazy and didn't buy that much, just things I needed or got a good deal on!

The first store I bought stuff at was actually the Cosmetic Company Outlet where I picked up the MAC Chromographic Pencil in NC25/30 because it's so hard to find a good peach pencil and I missed out on this when it was released as limited edition. Glad I did though because I got it for way cheaper mwahaha!

Next I got some accessories from American Eagle because they were on sale for $5 each anndd BOGO 1/2 off so well yeah, hard to pass up.

I also got corduroy pants for work. Its a business casual environment so I try to stray away from jeans. 

Next store was FOREVER 21! Surprise ahaha it really is my favorite store.  

I got a pretty lace shoulder dress. It's so cutee! I need some more dresses since I only have 1... ahaha

Lastly I just got a boring long skirt :] Kind of reminds me of a school girl skirt. 

That is all! I have been really busy looking for new jobs and such so I have finished taking all the pics of the eye primer comparison, I just need to throw it together. I usually like to put a lot of thought and time into reviews like that so bare with me! Thanks for readingg! :D Hope you enjoyed my little haulage!


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  1. love the hair clip!

    I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog, please join! :) xx Miss Beatrix (

    1. me too! :D i will check your giveaway out!


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