I'm Alive! NYX, Urban Decay, Coastal Scents, and EOS Circle Lens Haul

5:58 PM

LONG TIME NO BLOG GUYS! :D I have been on a hiatus from blogger yet again and really no excuse except for having family from afar visit for a few weeks plus balancing my new job with life! Working full time at my new job has been really tiring for my brain and body... but I'm really enjoying it! How is everyone else doing?! I have collected a few things over the few months I've been away because my cousin and I seem to have shopping addictions and when we are around each other, we seem infect each other even more -___-; Good thing I had a lot of gift cards though! WOO!

I'll just include the cosmetic portion of all this hauling because I also bought quite a few clothing items these past few months and honestly am too lazy to round them up for a photo op! Hope this haul will be alright for now until I can write up a proper review on some of these items I would like to talk about! (Feel free to let me know if you have a specific request! :])

From Amazon.com, I got the Coastal Scents Go Palette in "London". I don't have any purples and really had the urge to try the mint chocolate smokey eye look and found this on amazon for 8 bucks so I figured I'd give it a try! It's not bad! Has a nice mix of brights, neutrals, shimmer and matte shades.

Also from amazon, I got the K Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo  Eyeliner (what a mouth full) and DANG THIS THING IS AMAZING! I was really curious to see how awesome it was myself because of all the hype it gets and wow does it live it up it's hype! No smudging or budging and very easy to use! I didn't even realize I got the one that comes with a free pair of lashes until I opened the box! I've never worn falsies before so I will probably put those aside to give away. Got this for about $14.

From Ulta, I picked up the NYX HD Foundation in 04 Sand Beige. My reasoning behind this purchase was a) I wanted a foundation without SPF and b) fit my skintone at the moment since I haven't gotten tan enough to use my darker foundation/bb cream and not light enough to wear my "winter shade" bb cream. I think it's ok, it doesn't last too long on my oil slick of a face unless I mix it with something else/set it. It has a nice finish though! 

As some of you may know, Urban Decay was having a huge sale and of course I could not resist after falling in love with the Naked Palette! I picked up the shades "X" and "ABC Gum". Both of these shades I have been eyeing for quite some time and caved in after seeing them on sale because of the packing changes! X is a duo-chrome peach/gold with shimmer and ABC gum is a matte cream color. It is similar to the Wet N Wild shadow in Brulee in my opinion. 

LASTLY, I FINALLY purchased my first pair of circle lens from pinkyparadise.com after YEARS of wanting to try circle lens. I am personally a huge wuss and was frightened by the thought of putting/taking contacts out. After seeing so many pretty pictures of girls wearing lens and getting this particular pair on sale, I conjured up enough courage and took the plunge!

Excuse my super oily face -__-; lonnngg day at work

These are the EOS Fairy Brown Lens! :] So pretty!!! I wanted to get a natural color first in case I do like them and want to wear them out during the day. I am planning to get different colors in the future... if they are on sale that is :]

That is all I have for now! Hope you guys enjoyed my little haul! Bye for now <3 p="p">


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  1. The lenses look really cute on you. ^^

  2. The Coastal Scents Go Palette is so pretty! And it was such a reasonable price too :)

  3. hi there! hope u could join my giveaway! heres the link: http://poptartselle.blogspot.com/2012/08/join-my-international-giveaway-from.html

  4. sherry ann gole cruzApril 16, 2013

    love the colors ...but i dont think it gonna suit my eyes...

  5. :( aww. i think they are pretty versatile and warm toned and can work on different skin colors and eyes though!


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