Black Friday 2012 Haul!

6:06 PM

Hello! ~
Hope everyone is having a good weekend! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had an awesome one with lots of yummies and good company ♥
As you may or may not know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where there are insane deals EVERYWHERE! I did a black friday haul post last year [X] if you are intereted ;3 ! Without further delay, here is my 2012 black fridday haul!
Famous Footwear
Lace Flats 

American Eagle

Artist Cropped Jeans 

Best Buy/Walmart

Seagate Backup Plus 1TB Portable Hard drive 
Dance Central 3 - Got the LAST ONE! It was on sale for $15! 

Rue 21
All of these items were $7!!!! Could not pass up that deal!

I always set a spending limit and I am happy to report I didn't even get close to the maximum that I set myself! :pats self on back: ^__^ I am very proud that I got insanely good deals on all the items that I got! I also have some Cyber Monday items I want to get... 

Last year we stood in line at Best Buy at 12 and the crowd was nuts! Luckily we spend the holiday at my grandma's house who lives in a small town. I couldn't even imagine Black Friday shopping where I live which is a much larger town/city!! This year, we got up late... (thanks to alarm that didn't go off...) and went shopping at 2AM! It was super fun though and we managed to snag what we set out to get!

I'd also like to thank every single one of my followers/readers ♥! It still blows my mind that  people willingly follow my blog ahaha... (loner mind set...). I have been planning a giveaway to thank you guys. I really believe QUALITY over QUALITY! It doesn't matter how many followers I have but how many of you guys really take the time to read and comment ♥ There is really no way for me to adequately show my appreciate and thanks though :3

To those who went Black Friday shopping, what kind of amazing deals did you find? For those who wish they could get in on the Black Friday action, what is the first store you would attack?

Hope you enjoyed my post! As always, thank you so much for reading ♥ I still have to post up my ebay haul! everything came in the mail Wednesday so look out for that post! Bye for now ~

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p.s. this post is meant to SHARE what I got - not to be confused with bragging ^^;

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  1. Uwah :)) Black Friday seems so intense. I only ever get a glimpse of it on Online Black Friday Sales, never the real deal with lines and crowds and blah haha. I don't think I'd be able to take it, regardless of the drop-dead deals haha.

    Kinda makes me jelly though :)) Should I fly over and give it a try next year? ahahaha j/k.

    Thanks for sharing Amanda~ :3


    1. you should fly over next year ^^ ! i am a trained black friday shopping profession. i'll show you the ropes!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks so much for sharing your Black Friday haul with me! I really loved looking at each of your purchases! And $7 pieces? That's so awesome. I really love the lacy white peplum top and yellow tee in particular! I've actually never been to Best Buy on Black Friday. Do you usually get lots of stuff there? That dance game looks really fun! =D

    Let's keep in touch, beautiful girl! I'd love for us to be friends!
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

    1. of course we can keep in touch and be friends! :D thanks so much for commenting! glad you liked my haul! best buy on black friday is NUTS! I usually just have certain items that i go hunting for so i don't get carried away (i'm a techie nerd :D)

  3. Hi again =D I'm following you via google now! It'd be awesome if you could follow me there too =D Do you have twitter? I'd love to add you there as well!
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

    1. i'm already following you ^^ ! & i do i do! @ahmeenda

  4. Cute haul!
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3

    1. why thank you :3 ! i'll be sure to check out your blog!

  5. Nice haul!
    I love rue21! I can't believe you got such good deals there. That orange top and white lace dress(? top? not surexD) are freaking adorable and I can't believe they were only 7 dollars.
    You have a jealous reader here xD

    1. black friday is amazing! ahaha! the white lace thingy is actually a top :D ! thanks so much for following me :3 hope you enjoy my future posts and such~

  6. I wish we had Black friday here in the UK, but obviously we don't celebrate thanksgiving so there would be no point to it. The orange top you got is so cute^^ Love peter pan collars :) X

    1. Do you guys have cyber monday? :D that's just as good! ahaha! i love peter pan collars too <33


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