Dermal Acerola Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Review

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Hello there :D
I hope everyone had a good weekend ^^ I spent mine helping my parents paint the house. 
fun fact: My first job was at Best Buy (electronics store ^^)
So tiresome, but I'm happy to help them out if I can! Anyways, the purpose of this post is to do a mini review on the Dermal Acerola Collagen Essence Mask!
I picked up a few of these Dermal masks at HMart (Korean grocery store - aka my favorite grocery store EVER) last week because they were on sale for 79 cents(normally 99 cents)! I just couldn't get myself to pass up on them! I have never tried any other sheet mask before so I can't compared them to any other brands like My Beauty Diary or anything but here is my first impressions and honest review! 
Here's a size comparison to an Etude House sheet mask

Dermal has SOOO many different types or "flavors" of masks! I was very overwhelmed just looking at the display. I ended up picking #12 - Aloe, #16 Acerola, #24 Strawberry and #14 Pomegranate.
I picked these 4 to try out because I know that these certain plants/fruits are good for sensitive acne prone skin (which I have). They actually have an English description in the back describing the mask's benefits. Here are the mask's main claims:

The back of #16 Acerola Collagen Essence Mask

1. "Essence Mask offering your skin direct nutrition and after using, it is possible for you to go out without washing your face" - I'm guessing this means you can rub in the extra essence rather than washing it off.

2. " You can feel the difference immediately...high quality mask which sticks to you face very well"

3. "Acerola extract which is effective for skin clearness... Vitamin E and collagen for tired skin"

4. "Makes you feel cool and keeps your skin elastic" - Heck yeah I felt like a boss wearing this mask!

Ok, let's be mature adults here for a second: PFAHAHAHA HORNY PARTS OF THE SKIN?! HUHH?! (look at "Features" #3, second line)
Ahem* anyways... 

Here's what the mask looks like once you open it up. As you can see it comes drenched in essence. 

The low down on the mask:
  • The mask itself is VERY soft 
  • The essence feels very jelly like. It feels very nice and cooling on the skin as well! 
  • I personally think that the mask looks a softer, cloth version of a horror movie mask.
  • One-size fit all type of mask. You can adjust it according to your face shape/size quite easily
  • The mask sticks to your face very well! It didn't budge as I was walking around with it on.
The directions say to leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. I left it on for 20 so I could see if I could feel any of the miraculous claims that I've heard have been associated to Asian sheet masks. After I removed the mask, I rubbed the remaining essence into my skin.

Thoughts after using the mask:
  • My face felt very refreshed yet not extremely soft and supple like I was expecting
  • Didn't see any extravagant differences in my skin post-sheet mask
  • I'm not sure if I over-hyped myself up for using sheet masks and so I wasn't super impressed by the mask. 
    • It might have just been this particular "flavor" that may have not been super amazing
    • Maybe you need to use the mask more than once to see differences?
All in all, I think these are good masks for the price! I am looking forward to trying the other Dermal Mask varieties to see how I feel about those ones - besides the 4 I picked up, I saw a few others that I wanted to try out ^^ .  If you guys have any particular ones that you are curious about let me know! What are you favorite masks? I am personally a peel- off mask type of gal. 

Thanks so much for reading & hope you guys found this post helpful! Bye for now ~

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  1. Lol guess I may not have a mask-obsessed buddy as I am :P I can't exactly recommend any to you because honestly, I'm sold on EH and Watsons based brands all the way to the point that I may be biased. Plus, we may have different skin types.

    Peel-off masks I only use scarcely because I have dry skin, so twice a month does it for me.

    Thanks for sharing :3

    1. i still have hope that i will fall in love with sheet masks ^^ teeheee

  2. I love this kind of mask because it's so fast and easy hahah no need to wash off.
    my favorite is my beauty diary mask :)

    -> <-

    1. my beauty diary is next on my list of "to -try!" everyone raves about them and i am very curious!!

  3. I've tried masks from The Faceshop and they're pretty good. :) I'm scared to use peel off masks since I thought it'll be not so good on to my sensitive skin.


    1. yeah peel off masks are pretty harsh. i have sensitive skin too but for some reason it can handle the intensity of abrasive masks... so wierd -___-;

  4. Super funny ng horny parts of the skin haha! :)

    Love the review. Will keep an eye out!
    The Misty Mom

  5. nice review :D

    erm, I'm not really an expert in this mask stuff. Can you suggest me which mask from this product that is good for extremely oily skin? if you don't mind. :)

    1. I haven't come across a magical mask for my super oily skin yet that will help oil production D: but if i do i will be sure to let you know :D

  6. whee I've seen this on the beauty store nearby. thanks for the review <33 and thanks for your comment too ^-^

    1. :] & thank you for commenting as well!

  7. Xavier ChewMay 07, 2013

    you should try the pearl and white dermal mask. the effects are great. =)

  8. thanks for the recommendations! :D i'll have to check them out!


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