Flower BB Cream BB2 Review and Comparison with Asian BB Cream

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Hi everyone!
Another snowy day in Boston - sigh...

I am super excited to share my review with you today because this is my first time trying an American brand BB Cream! I usually am very skeptical about trying American bb cream because I feel like they're just labeling tinted moisturizers with 'bb cream' on the bottle!

I heard about the Flower BB Cream and was very intrigued because it was very yellow based and available at Walmart! Since I just finished my Missha Perfect Cover I figured I'd see what the buzz was about! Luckily I was able to swipe the last one after 2 weeks of hunting it down...

For those who aren't familiar with my reviews  I like to mention my skin type because I feel it's good to know where I am coming from with my reviews!


Packaging is very simple and clean (Kingdom Hearts?!)! It comes in a nice hygienic squeeze tube and a pretty cap with gold colored accents. It is very easy to control how much product comes out!

Basic Specs:

Contains 1 OZ / 28 g of product

I actually like that it contains no SPF because it will be good for flash photography! You can always just apply sunscreen or powder with spf on top for everyday use ^_^


The main claims of this bb cream are:

"The Ultimate multi-tasker! Use everyday to even & smooth complexion. Stays perfectly even for up to 12 hours!"

I wouldn't say that using this will IMPROVE your skin per se but it will create an even and smooth complexion when applied.  

As for lasting up to 12 hours -  I'll address this claim in more detail later on in the review.

Unlike Asian bb creams, it contains no SPF or clear cut skincare beneficial properties. I would say this would be a hybrid tinted moisturizer/foundation type of product rather than bb cream.


I am around an NC 30/NC35 right now. The color matches me PERFECTLY! Even better than my Etude House precious minerals bb cream at the moment!! 

It has a strong yellow undertone and so it just blends right in and matches me so well!

Here's a comparison between my darker bb creams that I own. As you can see it is the one with the strongest yellow undertone. Even though it seems light compared to the others, it really does match my nc 30/nc 35 skintone! You would think Asian bb creams would have a strong yellow undertone right? -__-

It actually has a somewhat dry consistency. It's blendable and not unreasonably thick but I would definitely say this is not good for people with dry skin/dry patches. I can see it accentuating dry areas. However, it did not sink into the fine lines under my eye which is good! 

Compared to my Asian bb creams, the consistency is much drier. You can see from the comparison swatch I did how the consistency differs.


I would say it has med - buildable coverage. As you can see it really does even out my skintone! I had to spot conceal for the darker scars but essentially I only applied one full layer. I barely feel like I have any face product on with this! I really like that :] ! It also covers tired panda eyes very well!!


I would say it has a matte finish. It pretty much looks like I set my face with powder after I apply it. You magical product you!

Lasting Power:

HOLY COW this stuff will last forever! I must say I am seriously impressed with the oil control ability of this product. I was shine free for about 5 - 6 hours and that is saying something! I don't need to prime or set BUT if I did I sware I would be shine free for 10 + hours.


EXCELLENT oil control ability
Reasonable price point - $13
Long lasting
Doesn't break me out
Amazing for those with strong yellow undertone (NC30/NC35 range)
Convenient packaging
I like how it contains no SPF
Blends and covers well


Probably not the best choice for dry skin
Only available at Walmart

No SPF could be a con for some

I may have just found my holy grail bb cream! Man I am just blown away with this bad boy. I never would have guessed that I'd fall in love with an American BB cream haha! You just never know!

I like how it is pretty reasonable in terms of price since a lot of bb creams range from 10 - 25 bucks. 

Hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful!

Thanks for reading!!

Bye for now ~

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  1. sherry ann gole cruzApril 12, 2013

    I would try this,i been looking bb creams that can hide large pores..

  2. yeah i think it covers really well! hopefully you like it as much as i do!

  3. This is an absolutely greatest bb cream I've tried! I love the coverage and it doesn't make my face shiny. It's a matte finish and so flawless looking. I'm on my first tube and just went to Walmart and sadly there isn't anymore in stock! :(

  4. i know it is sooo hard to finddd T__T i totally agree with the statements you mentioned about this bb cream!!! <33

  5. I got this also and love it!! So much better than typical American BB creams.


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