OOTD: Haircut Weekend

6:29 PM

Hello everyone!
How was your weekend? ^_^
Mine was filled with delicious food and cutting 3 inches of my hair off! Huhuhu ~ 
I have been in the groove of sharing OOTDs on Saturdays or Sundays so here is my weekly installment!

My hair looks so light in that picture! It was really sunny at the time that it was taken so perhaps that is why! My hair is more of a java-y brown rather than the medium brown that it is appearing as.

I kept it really casual with an over-sized sweater and comfy Vans! If you guys have followed me for awhile you will know I loveeee sneakers; especially Vans! You jelly of my panda socks ;P ?

Kept my make up really simple once again. I really don't wear much makeup on a daily basis anyhow though. Please ignore my giant eyebrow. It is time groom my caterpillars once again.  My hair grows sooo fast -__-; I am currently writing a review for the Missha 4D mascara because it's freaking amazingggg so stay tunedddd ~

Sooooo if you guys compare the OOTD picture with this one, you may see a slight difference! I cut off 3 inches and got my hair reshaped with layers that form a 'V' in the back. I personally think it looks good with my thick coarse hair because when I tie it up it forms a nice cone shape. If I only have 1 or 2 layers then my pony tail literally looks like a pony's tail!!

That is all for now my precious. Thanks for reading! 

&& A WARM WELCOME TO ALL MY NEW READERS! Thanks for taking interest in my blog ♥ You awesome person you ♥ 

Bye for now ~

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  1. Ah, lucky that you didn't get like, all your hair cut off! That always happens to me! -.-


  2. Odom ChewyMarch 26, 2013


  3. Karen ChinMarch 29, 2013

    Your hair is so pretty! My hair looks lighter in the sunlight too :P Oh I love wearing sweaters and Vans, they are so comfortable, and cute panda socks! So jealous, your lashes are so nice and curled :)


  4. oh yay! the comment is here now! Yeah i know what you mean! I know a lot of Asian hairdressers are like "oh you want 2 inches off? *cuts off 5*" haha! I go to a family friend so she always listens to my preferences ^__^

  5. teehee thanks :D! & thanks for commenting!


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