Cambodian New Year OOTD/FOTD! & BtoB & Totoro

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LONG TIME NO BLOG (AGAIN)! How is everyone doing?! 

I'm sure you heard about the tragic Boston marathon bombings that happened Monday and it is super frightening and saddening since I live in the Boston area and this is the first time something like this has happened to my beloved city. I know everyone is mentioning how things like this (and even worse) happen all around the world everyday but death is death no matter where it happens and it is heartbreaking when innocent people die. Especially where events like that do not happen ordinarily, it can be very shocking - as it was. My deepest condolences and prayers go to those who were affected 

Let us transition into something more merry and cheerful though! If you guys did not know, I am Cambodian - American and this past weekend was Cambodian New Year! Sues dey chnam tmey! It is probably my favorite holiday because it is filled with family, food, culture, parties and reflecting upon past, present and looking towards the future. 

I thought it would be fun to share a bit of my culture with you guys so here is an OOTD, FOTD as well as my New Year weekend fun!

So this is what my OOTD to the temple! This is my second time wearing traditional clothes and so I was really shy but I feel a lot more proud and comfortable wearing it now that I am older. When I was younger I begged my parents to let me wear khakis and a nice white shirt haha!

As for my FOTD, I decided to keep it simple and clean. Well, I usually like my makeup very simple anyways haha but especially for the temple at 9 AM, I didn't wanna go too cray cray! I went with a neutral eye look and a neutral pink lip.

So what we do is prepare food in the morning or the previous night and put it in this 3 tier food carrier sort of thing. Each level has different food. The last tier has rice which we use to offer to our ancestors during a certain part of the New Year temple ceremonies.

I had so much yummy food and enjoyed it all with my family! I rolled some sushi for us to enjoy and my dad cooked up a big pot of Cambodian style curry! It was sooo goooodd! We usually eat it with those thin vermicelli noodles you see in the white plate above my sushi or with french bread. I personally like mine with french bread. MMM! 

We also had steamed fish, fried shrimp, curry chicken wings, hot dogs (for the kids who are not quite fond of traditional food), Cambodian traditional desserts like sticky rice and mangos and sticky rice, banana and black bean in banana leaves. MMMM i love the smell of banana leaves!!

We had some of our extended family over to enjoy all this food and spend time together as well! 

I feel very fortunate and lucky to have such a wonderful family and being able to live such a comfortable life! My family struggled so much to get here and to get where they are now and I truly admire their resilience, hard work and bravery.  They came to the states with nothing but the clothes on their backs, to a foreign land without knowing the language and have come so far. I feel very proud to be Cambodian-American!

So I introduced Totoro to one of my little cousins and she fell in love with him and the movie! I whipped together this little plushie keychain for her after watching it haha!

I have also been pretty obssessed with BTOB lately. I was sucked in after seeing their norebang videos because I personally love seeing idols acting random and being themselves (because of course I can relate to that)! I watched all the episodes of their diary, B+ diary and Sik's Sense & omfg they are HILARIOUUSSS!! I even got my mom into them and she watched the diary episodes with me too! 

Peniel is my favorite member and let us just take time to appreciate his adorkable dance in a rooster hoodie shall we? This is from ep 4 or 5 of B+ diary and I nearly rofled off my bed on this episode haha! 

Their new song Second Confession and PJ version of the MV is also adoraabblleeeee and you guys should check it out!

That is all  I have to say for now! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!! Thanks so much for reading ^__^!

Bye for now ~

P.S. Hello to my new blog followers! ♥

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  1. Dorothy YanApril 17, 2013

    ahhhhh!!!! i had no idea that btob made a pj version of second confession!!:????!!!! great post btw lol

  2. Cambodian traditional clothing is so pretty! Actually the south east asian region's clothing in general is really really eyecatching! My friends from Vietnamn, Indonesia, etc also have awesome pics like this. I should try doing a traditional Philippine OOTD as well some day! I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday. The food looks absolutely to die for! I laughed when you talked about hotdogs for the kiddies. I guess it's the same for all countries lol. Kids are so picky haha.

    Thanks for sharing! P.S. if you want anything from Etude (or Tony Moly, The Face Shop or Nature Republic, etc) we can do a product swap but you might want to email me your budget and what you want me to look for just so I can make sure to reserve the products/check their availability here in the Phil :)

    Thanks for sharing~!

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  4. food looks yummy. *o*

    I like BTOB as well. :D my favorites are the maknae line, penile, ilhoon and sungjae and I really love their new single, Second Confession.

    btw, I have a giveaway on my blog, you might want to join? :D

    ♔ CC Cream Giveaway ♔

  5. Ouuu you should do a traditional Philippine OOTD! That would be so interesting ^^! I agree - I think South East Asian traditional clothing is sooo pretttyyyy <3 I have no idea if I'm biased or not in thinking so but oh well :P haha! & sure! Expect an email for me sooonnnn ~

  6. :DD <33 BTOB!! I'll be sure to check out your giveaway ^^


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