Etude House Chocolate Smudge Liner #2 Milk Chocolate Review (with swatches)

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Hello there!
Guess who is back from another random hiatus from the blog-o-sphere? ME! I just haven't been in the mood to sit down and type a proper post. I've been more into editing my videos for my Youtube channel lately but I don't want to abandon my blog so here I am! 
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Anyways, the purpose of this post is to review the Etude House Chocolate Smudge Liner from their Sweet Recipe line! WOO ~ Oh Etude House, you sure know how to make me throw my money at you. Hope you enjoy my review!

Basic Specs:

Contains: 2.6 grams
Color purchased : #2 Milk Chococolate
Price: $8 (ebay seller: HSCimports)


As usual, the packaging concept is ADORABLE! As expected from the amazing Etude House. However, under closer inspection, the 'chocolate' part is kinda cheap feeling and looking. The paint job is kind of messy and it doesn't look that put together in my opinion. 

The opening for the product is already on the back and has a plastic door covering thing. I hope that is enough to keep the product from drying out for a long time. I've only seen a traditional screw on caps that are found on other gel liner containers and they seem to stay moist and useable for a long time!


"Seemed to melt all the chocolate shadow and boundary gradient to naturally make naturally shaded eyes"


It is a really nice no shimmer (matte), milk chocolate color! I wanted a more natural looking brown liner for an even more subtle and natural look which is what I like to do everyday. Here is a comparison with the Tony Moly backstage liner in 02 Brown. It was actually a richer deeper brown than I was expecting but it's still very nice and natural none the less!


It is very nice and creamy! Very blendable and smudgeable as the name suggests. That being said, one may be concerned that it will remain smudgeable. Well, I can confidently say that it sets within 20 seconds and it will no longer budge. I will discuss this more in the next section!

Lasting Power:

On its own (like any other gel or pencil liner on my eyes) will slide and smudge right off in 3 hours without a primer or setting with powder. I always apply good ol' UD primer potion and set it with a brown powder and it will last for about 5-6 hours before transferring a bit to the lower lash line. Nothing a little tissue or q-tip can't fix! I'm not sure how well it will do in the humid weather as I feel like it may slip around when my eye lids start to grease up like crazy. It is also not waterproof.

            • Nice natural brown color
            • dries quickly
            • glides on smoothly
            • easily blends and smudges (before it sets)
            • reasonable price point!
            • good for those with normal/dry eyelids

            • Unsure how long it will stay useable
            • Limited edition
            • Not waterproof
Overall I do like this liner! I absolutely love the color an how easy it glides on. I just don't know how it will do in the warmer season that is quickly approaching! EEK! I hope priming and setting will keep it still on my grease ball lids!!

That's all for my review! I hope it was helpful and informative! Thanks so much for bearing with my sporadic blog posting T__T! I will try to keep this momentum going! I still have to post my Missha mascara review I wanted to do haha...!

Also, hello the new readers I have picked up over my time away. Thank you so much for taking interest in my little humble blog ^__^

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  1. I was going to get this, but I was afraid it was not water proof, because my lids are really oily. So I don't think this will suit me. T.T
    The colour looks very nice though. Thanks for the review ^^

  2. it holds up pretty decent when using primer but i am worried for when summer hits x__x;;! thanks for reading<33

  3. the packaging is mad cute! I think my mom would think it is a real chocolate! ^_~

  4. Cuutee! But I thought they were legitimate chocolates before I read your post! ... ^w^

  5. haha! yes it definitely very deceiving and realistic!

  6. teeheee ^__^! yeahhhh it definitely does look like chocolates!!

  7. Aww I thought the packaging would be more polished than that. This won't be available here in the Philippines, probably because it's limited edition, but judging from your post, it's not something I'd invest on in the long run, but it's still very innovative and cute!

    Thanks for the review amanda!

  8. yeah i thought so too >o<! it was kind of an impulsive buy when i was ordering a few other things haha! oh well, i will keep my fingers crossed that it holds up ok during the warmer seasons and doesn't dry out quickly! thanks for reading and commenting Ada! ^^

  9. I love how dark the line is :D And Etude's packaging always gets me. It's just too adorable!

  10. Nhi NguyenMay 14, 2013

    wow, love the brown color (;
    thanks for the review, come join my giveaway (;
    following you now (:

  11. i knoowww! they really know how to package their items to make them irresistible! thanks so much for commenting :] <3

  12. yes, it is a really nice brown color indeed ^_^! thanks for following! i will be sure to check out your giveaway. your blog is so cuteeee!!

  13. Hey Amanda! :)

    Thanks for reviewing this! I think the brown color from the Etude liner looks really good compared to tony moly's haha The packaging is so cute too >u< Thanks for sharing this review :)

    If you have time, can you check my blog out too? *^~^

  14. Ɗɑɘʝɑɘ ♥June 08, 2013

    This is really cute! Where did you get it?

  15. thanks for stopping by :D your blog is super adorableee!!!!

  16. from ebay seller HSCimports ^^! thanks for reading!


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