Anime Boston Adventure (pic heavy)!

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Hey guys! 
This post is again long over due since it has been a few days since I went to Anime Boston. Better late than never? Haha! I've been having a hard time finding motivation to sit down a type/put together any type of post T__T. Hope you guys enjoy seeing my adventures at my first Anime Convention Anime Boston!
I've been wanting to go for maybe 6 years now but something ALWAYS came up rendering me unable to go. You could only imagine how ecstatic I was to be there! I posted a getting ready with me and vlog thing on my Youtube if you guys are interested :D (you def do not have to - just putting it out there!)!

For my makeup, I wanted to do something kind of cute and Anime-like. I kept it pretty netural and even added some falsies! I have never worn falsies out of the house before (usually confined in my room while experimenting with my face lmao) and it was actually pretty fun!

Here I am cheesin' as I happily hold up my Anime Boston pass! It was held at the Hynes Convention Center which is on Boylston St. in Boston. If you guys think that sounds familiar, it is probably because it is the street where the Marathon Bombing occurred :(

There was a beaauittffulll display of 1,000 paper cranes pay tribute to the Boston Bombings. I thought it was beautiful and really amazing to see 1,000 paper cranes and it was very touching knowing someone or someones took the time to do this. I am one proud Bostonian! I love seeing people come together and care and support one another ♥

If you guys aren't familiar with the Hynes Convention Center, it is HUGE! I believe it has 3 or 4 floors and endless long corridors and a plethora of big rooms/halls. Along one of these halls, there was art displayed from people who submit their art in the contest to follow along this year's theme 'Talesof Yokai'. Each piece was so beautiful but I highlighted  2 of my favorites.
This beautiful piece here was the winner of the art contest! ISN'T IT AMAZING?!
The first room we entered was a giant game room. Of course my brother and hubby wanted in on this action. This room was FILLED with screens and xboxes everywhere!!! Each little station had a different game. There also 2 large screens at the back of the room for people to play different Kinect games. Let me just say watching Spiderman play Dragon Ball Z (you have to literally just stand there and punch the air/dodge/jump) was hilarious!! & all in proper DBZ fighting position.
My absolute favorite room was OBVIOUSLY the vendor room. SO many Anime goodies, cute plushies, video game goodness EVERYWHERE oh gosh I was pretty much spazzing. They also had some Kpop booths which was pretty awesome ;P! I didn't any pics of the GINORMOUSSSSS vendor room (I lierally could get lost in there because there are so many aisles and stands) because I was too busy throwing my money at the vendors LMAO. I kid but not really. The pic above is one hubby happened to take as he waited for me to stop gawking at this one plushie stand.
I mostly bought gifts for my famILY ♥
We had lunch at Prudential Center which is a big shopping mall that is connected to Hynes. I had a yummy chicken cesar wrap and an 'eh' broccoli and cheddar soup. I'm not a big fan of white onions and for some reason that soup was white onion-y tasting. 
We went on the last day so I'm sure there was less people than there were on Friday and Saturday. We still saw some pretty cool costumes and oouu and ahhh'ed at pretty much everything haha! There still were a LOT of people there. All 3 of us had a BLAST! We spent about 5 or 6 hours wandering the halls and entering rooms we thought were interesting. They had ALL types of events and presentations. 
I was worried my brother would be bored/embarrassed because he doesn't watch a lot of Animes or anything but rather came for the gaming booths. He himself had a ton of fun so I'm glad we were able to enjoy this experience together. 
Hope you guys enjoyed my pic heavy post! Have you guys ever been to an Anime Convention or ever wanted to go?!
Thanks as always for reading!
Bye for now ~ 

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  2. You are soo pretty :) I just checked out ur youtube channel~~ I'm also a youtuber and blogger :) Hope we can become good youtube/blogger friends and we should do a swap/collab video in the future :) Just subbed to you and followed you on gfc~~ Please check out my channel/blog if you have time :)

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