Missha 4D Mascara Review

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Hi all!

I'm back at it once again with another review! Woo ~ This one has been cooking in my 'drafts' since forever and it is about time it is shared!

It has been quite awhile since I did a mascara review (only because I haven't come across one that I felt was review worthy). The last one I did was on the Holika Holika Magic Pole mascara but today's review will be featuring the Missha 4D Mascara!

I heard that this is one of Missha's best sellers and I was very intrigued and expected great things. 

My lashes:

Kind of long, thick and curled already. They also hold a curl without any problem. What I look for in a mascara is just to further define my lashes and give them a bit more volume WITHOUT creating a clumpy mess. 

Basic Specs:
Contains: 10 grams
Price: $4.50 on Ebay


Square brush: Helps apply rich amount onto eyelashes and coat each eyelash with mascara liquid to make thicker eyelashes.

-Makes eyelashes doubly longer, denser and richer volume.

-Botanical wax: give a volume effect without lump and smudging.


It comes in a nice sleek and simple black tube. It is pretty slim so it can easily fit into travel makeup bags without adding bulk.


The brush is pretty cool if I do say so myself. Being the little dork I am I think it's pretty cool that is kind of square shaped. The brush has 4 distinct flat sides which makes it really easy to grab onto every lash. The front is kind of tapered and smaller to be able to reach into your inner corner. I still have to turn the brush quite a bit to get the little ones in the inner corner. The synthetic bristles are able to pick up and coat every lash evenly. 


The formula is pretty good. I think its the right consistency where it won't weight down your lashes and it dries fairly quickly so you don't have to worry about it getting on your eyelids. The formula is buildable but if you add more than 3 full coats, it will look kinda clumpy in some areas! Occasionally I get some little globs on my lashes since I usually scrape off excess product before applying and don't clean the rim (shame on me).

I do find that it is waterproof. Even in rain, it will not budge or flake off. It will not come off until you properly remove it. Every now and then around the 9 hour mark, I might get a few stray black specs but no biggie in my book!

It is also easy to remove even though it is waterproof. I use the Up and Up brand makeup remover from Target and have no problems. It doesn't create a runny black raccoon-like mess on your face at all and comes up in little black clumps that are easily wiped away. 


One coat - Very natural yet defined. Added volume.

Two coats - More definition and drama. More volume & length

Three coats - Pretty much clumps all my lashes together and makes it look spikey haha!
I added some black eyeliner because it looks so weird on its own and I wanted to see if they would look like falsies x]
When I apply this, I use a wiggling  upwards motion in order to catch and evenly coat my lashes. I really like the results and I think it is a versatile mascara that can be used for natural and more dramatic looks. I would not suggest 3 coats though haha!


            • Excellent waterproof mascara for under $5
            • So smudging or flaking off (even in the rain!)
            • Adds volume & length like claims say
            • Long lasting
            • Easy to remove
            • Super cool 4 sided brush
            • Will work for different lash types


            • I really don't have anything negative to say about it :3

I cannot say for sure how this will work for short, hard to curl lashes but my guesses are that it would work wonderfully! My reasoning on that bold statement is because of the formula and the brush. It made my lashes even longer and added a good amount of volume without feeling heavy. 2 HEAVY coats will make it feel a little hard though. I'm not sure how long it will keep a curl since mine have no problems staying in place.

That's all for now! Hope this review was helpful/informative. Thank you for reading ♥

Bye for now ~

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  1. You have such nice lashes!! I'd like to try this one out sometime :)

  2. I'm super jealous of your natural lashes! Haha. Thanks for the review ^^

  3. This is really great, especially for under $5! I'm glad it actually is waterproof. Your lashes are so pretty, I think even just 1 coat is enough for them. Thank you for the review. :)

  4. omg!! girl now I have to buy this LOL thanks so much for sharing huge Plus for being under $5 and waterproof. Going to try this next time!! Thanks Amanda <3

  5. For less then 5 $ it is great.It looks nice on your eyes, too.

  6. Ooh, that's a fairly good mascara for $4.50!
    Thanks for the review!


  7. wow, the names itself reminds me of loreal 4D mascara just not sure if the wand is designed similarly but I do love the effect it provides ^_~

  8. I just discoverd your youtube channel and I love your videos <3
    Your blog looks great as well!
    I'm your new follower :)


  9. thank you ^__^ yeah you should! good price and good product :D

  10. haha thank you! & thanks for reading!

  11. why thank youu! i usually apply 1 1/2 coats and it adds some natural fullness and drama. thank you for reading!

  12. haha :P well it def won't be a hard hit to your wallet! hope you like it as much as i do!! thanks for reading Jill <3

  13. thank you :D! i am very pleased with the price point teehee

  14. thanks for reading and commenting Josephine! :D

  15. oh really? haven't seen the l'oreal 4d mascara around. really can't beat the price of the Missha one though! :D

  16. thanks so much for following :]

  17. Dianna NguyenSeptember 07, 2013

    Love your lashes!!
    For $4.50, that is one great mascara!!
    I love how it looks with 2 coats, lots of volume(:
    Thank you for the great review!!
    You've just got yourself a new follower^_^

    Much love,

  18. Majorie ZoletaSeptember 08, 2013

    I have to get this mascara! It looks really good :) I am now following you on GFC :) Please follow me as well ♥


  19. Available at FB #ABC ONLINE KIKAY SHOP^^♥♥♥


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