Etude House Moistful Lip Care Concealer Review

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Hello there :3
I recently did a haul post (if you guys missed it click here [x]) and I got a request from my friend Ada to do a review on the Etude House Kissful Lip Care Lip Concealer! Without further a do, let's move on to the review  ^0^ ~

The packaging kind of has a cheap feel to it to be honest. It feels very plasticy but I don't really mind that much. I care about the product inside! However I do think the packaging itself is still very cute :3

Even out redness in lips
Create a smooth and neutral surface
Prolong lipstick application

my thoughts on the claims below! ~

As you can see from the pictures above, the product itself is pretty creamy in texture and actually pretty buildable in color/thickness. I was hoping I could use this without worrying about applying lip balm first but you DEFINITELY do! Not just any lip balm either! I had to use Vaseline to not have it accentuate every single crack and dry area of my lips!!

My lips are EXTREMELY dry all year round and this baby jar of Vaseline is the best thing ever. Not to mention adorable! 

As you can see, my lips are pretty pigmented. A lot of the times my natural lip color will overpower the lip color I want to wear and so I got this lip concealer to try out ^^ ! As you can see, when your lips are nice and moisturized, it works pretty well to tone the color down like the description states!

How I apply this:
I lightly dab some product onto my lips and just kind of pat it in to blend. 
Then I take whatever lip product I want to put on and tada!

As for the prolong the wear of your lipstick claim, I would say it doesn't really do much for me in that department since I am constantly eating or drinking something. I will say that it won't make fade any faster than it normally would though!

I was pretty unimpressed with this product AT FIRST and I must say that it is the first Etude House product that I've tried and haven't fallen in love with. It works pretty good as long as your lips are very well moisturized. If not, it will accentuate EVERY dry spot and it will look hideous x__x

Hope you guys found this helpful! Expect a fury of reviews to come!! If you guys would like to review any products from my haul let me know! I also got my Missha cyber monday items today :3 Would you like to see?!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! 

Bye for now ~ 

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  1. Not that amazing at first but definitely worth the try.

    Great post Amanda! :)

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  2. I honestly...had no idea there were lip concealers, I just thought that applying face foundation would work XD ahahaha...I'm a noob with make-up. But, now that I know, I'm going to try a lip concealer (if I can find any) in my area or just order online. Great review!

  3. It's a shame that this product isn't moisturizing. I am on a hunt for a concealer with moisturizing factor because my lips dry out pretty quickly. :( Anyhow, thank you for the review!

  4. I know right? The sound of a lip concealer is pretty surprising! I say using foundation is just as good to be honest with you ^^! I was hoping this would be less harsh and more moisturizing on its own!

  5. Mine do too D: !! I know it really is a shame it's not super moisturizing enough on its own! Thanks for reading my review! ^^

  6. would it be awkward if I asked you how much you got this for?
    great review! too bad it's drying :/
    but alas! (xD) you saved me! I was about to buy this product too (because the packaging was too cute)

  7. I believe I got it for $6 :] yeah I am disappointed that it's not that moisturizing D:

  8. when I read lip concealer I was thinking it'd be a lot more opaque than that but it's actually quite translucent. Is it buildable by any chance? because I'm pretty darn sure my lips are more pigmented hahaha (darn sunburn). I use vaseline on my lips too btw :)) A trick I picked up when I went to by dentist for braces maintenance a long time ago. Took me 2 years of chapped and bleeding lips to comply. Now my lips are relatively healthy, but nowhere near moisturized enough to pull off this concealer by the looks of it :)) I read a review on another lip concealer by dolly wink (?) I think you might want to check it out. it has good reviews as well :)

    Thanks for sharing amanda!


  9. it is buildable! i was scared it might become too drying so i didn't want to apply tooo many layers. my grandma swears by vaseline ahaha! she used to apply it all over my face as a kid and i prob looked like a doll!! thanks for the recommendation! maybe that will go on my "i want to try this asap" list ;P


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