FOTD, Sushi Buffets, Gingerbread Hello Kitty & Anime Loves

8:52 PM

Greetings readers!

I have a smorgasbord of content in today's blog entry! It includes a FOTD, pictures and ranting about my FAVORITE sushi buffet place, an early x-mas surprise (Gingerbread Hello Kitty) from my momma and current animes that I am currently obsessed with!

To the post content ~ woosshhh

This is more makeup than I would usually wear on an everyday basis but sometimes you just want to experiment yah know?

Today my family went out to eat at a nearby sushi buffet place with some family friends. We'eaten here before and it's sooooo goood!! Their green tea cake is BOMB and so is their green tea ice cream. I love anything green tea really. Feel free to be super hungry and jelly as you are stare the nummy-ness. I NEVER take naps but my food coma was so serious I was knocked out for 3 hours... hahaha!! 

OK, so a few years back there was a Hawaiian Hello Kitty at Build a Bear and I really wanted it but didn't get it. I regretted that for years T__T ahaha... Anyways, my mom knew how much I wanted it and they just came out with a gingerbread one and so she surprised me with it! Being slightly brown I think I just love brown Hello Kitties? O_x 

I have the normal build a bear Hello Kitty too  (if you haven't noticed by now, I LOVE HELLO KITTY)! It was a 16th birthday gift WAYYY back in the day. Gah, that was so long ago! Anyways, thanks to my super awesome mommy! Super thankful to have an amazing thoughtful motherr ♥

Onto the Animes that I have been currently obsessed with:
Sword Art Online
Say I love You
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

I was going to make a November Favorites post but I have too many things in the queue and so I made a video so if you guys are interested feel free to watch! 


that raps up another incredibly random smorgasbord post of my weekend!

Let me know if you guys like these or not. I try to sprinkle these in now and then but not sure if you guys really care for them.

I have more hauls & reviews lined up so I thought I would just add some random stuff in between so there's more variety. Hope everyone had a good weekend & a happy Monday to you all!

Thank for reading! Bye for now ~

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  1. love ur everyday make up :) looks so natural.. keep posting^^

  2. thanks! it's actually a lot more than i usually wear on an everyday basis haha ^^ ! your blog is beautiful btws :]

  3. :D thank u^^

  4. Pretty Pretty Amanda loving the subtle FOTD, just wish the blush came out a little bit more on camera, but I'm sure it looks fab in person. I went to an all-you-can-eat yakiniku/sushi/everything-that-makes-you-feel-like-a-fat-slob place just a few weeks ago. I know how it feels to go all out on food with the family hahaha. ALSO. Hello Kitty = <3 I'm obsessed with it :)) But I have far too many plushies so I settle for hello kitty crop tops, glasses and accessories instead. I have an entire collection LOL.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm blogging about your giveaway tomorrow~ whoo! Finally!


  5. subtle is what i aim for :3 ahaha! but thank you! i rarely feel like i do anything to my makeup that deserves a fotd post XD ! I am obsessed with hello kitty too! I also have WAYYY to many plushies & hello kitty items too! they're EVERYWHERE!!!! my room looks like a 7 year old lives in there! thanks as always for commenting<33 I look forward to reading them!

  6. Cool! Etude House products are great! :)

    I can see how you love Hello Kitty Amanda! :)

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  7. Yummy! You are so gorgeous girl. Your voice is so sweet (watched the vid) x

  8. aww thanks :blushes: hope you liked my post & vid! :D

  9. Kimberly KongDecember 11, 2012

    Amanda!!! you are too cute! I loved your video =D You have such a great personality on video ^^ You're new hello kitty is so cute! I want one now =P

  10. i like your FOTD pic, so creative <33

  11. thank you! haha it's just my personality in general ^^ !

  12. Beautiful everyday look!! I love it :)



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