Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner Review & Comparison w/ US Brands

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Hello everyone! 
I'm back with a review post on the Tony Moly Backstage Gel liner! 
A few people commented on my giveaway post that they wanted to see more comparison posts. I haven't done a comparison post since my eye primer battle one so I hope you guys find this useful/helpful/informative!

By the way, If you guys didn't know, my face is an OIL slick and this includes my lids. I always apply primer to my lids before applying any product on to them.

If you guys are not familiar with the brand "Tony Moly", it is a South Korean cosmetic brand and this is actually a pretty well loved product. I got it because I wanted a matte brown gel liner and that is exactly what this is!

Price: $8 (Ebay seller: Magicbong)
 LMAO - yes, that is the seller's name... & they sell makeup!!!
Brush?: Yes -Comes with a brush that is hidden in the cap!

Alright, so let's see who our little Tony Moly liner will be compared against!

I actually didn't know this had sparkles when I got it. I wanted the brown one but when I went to the store, they only had Black and Bronze. Sadface. I got it anyways because I wanted to try this out due to raves I heard about it!

Price: $8
Brush?: Yes -Comes with a brush

I believe the brand Essence is a European brand and has many many affordable makeup products! I actually like their lip glosses a lot! I heard a lot of raves over this product and wanted to give black eyeliner a try again. If you guys didn't know, I almost always use and gravitate towards brown liner.

Price: $4
Brush?: No I forgive you Essence because the price is so cheap ^__^

Here are swatches comparing the color, opacity and such. This is just one dip of a brush so as you can see, these liners are SUPER creamy and opaque! 
I made  a chart comparing a few key factors that I think are important. Hope you guys find this helpful! The "T" is Tony Moly, "L or looks like l in the chart" is L'Oreal and "E" is Essence

 I think the Tony Moly and L'Oreal eyeliners are very similiar. The Tony Moly is a bit creamier in texture and glides on smoother but maybe it is because there are no shimmers. If I were to pick between the two, I would say I like the Tony Moly better. The Essence one is good too but it smudges much faster than the other two. 
I've fallen asleep with the Tony Moly liner on and I didn't have panda eyes when I woke up or anything! I was very impressed. I did get some smudging with the L'Oreal one when I fell asleep with it on.
With the Tony Moly eyeliner, I can go about 6-8 hours before I get a little bit of transferring to my bottom lash line which is pretty good! A quick clean up and good as new! It will last and stay opaque until you remove it properly. Although, it will smudge a bit if you scratch ferociously at your eyes (which I hope no one does anyways :P )
I always have a hard time removing gel liner because it gets stuck between my lashes. However with a q-tip and a little patience, it will come off!
Hope this was helpful! Let me know what your favorite eyeliner brand is ^__^

Happy New Years everyone!!!

Bye for now! ~ 

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