Etude House Dear My & Look at My Lips Lipstick Reviews

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Hello everyone!

I'm back at it with another review! WOOT! I recently did a decent sized Etude House haul about a month ago and in that haul, I picked 2 of Etude House's lipsticks. They are impressive little ones and so while I jam out to my new favorite album (B.A.P's One Shot - I think you guys know by now I am a total BAP fangirl by now haha), let's go to the review! ~

I bought the Look at My Lips Lipstick in 19 Fall in Beige (on the left)
the Dear My Lipstick in BE104 Strange Beige (on the right)

I will first show you what each color looks like and then move right into the review! :]

Etude House Look At My Lips Lipstick - #19 Fall in Beige
A super pretty natural/nude lipstick

Etude House Dear My Lipstick - BE104 Strange Beige
A corally pink red. Very flattering on my skintone if I do say so myself!
No idea why it's has 'beige' in the name!

& here are swatches of both lipsticks!

I'm going to a combined review since their formulas seem to identical in my opinion!


Both have really cute packaging. I am sucker for packaging ^^
The Look at My Lips packaging is a more discrete container that is silver and has cute swirls all around whereas the Dear My Line is totally girled out in pink and has a cute ribbon at the bottom of the cap! I don't like the color pink but I mean I still think it's SO CUTE because I love bows!!!

I believe I bought both for around $10 each.
Ebay Seller: Rubyruby76
Not the cheapest lipsticks ever but I love Etude House T__T! I couldn't help but splurge a bit!!
Plus, I needed a new nude lipstick and a fun spring lippie!!

VERY pigmented! Both are very opaque but you can definitely sheer it out by lightly dabbing it on your lips.
It's super creamy! I wouldn't say it's moisturizing but it won't dry out your lips when applied. 

I always moisturize my lips prior to any lip product though! They really glide right on nice and smooth!

Both are matte. No shimmery or anything. Just straight up beautiful color!

Both have a feint scent. I really can't pinpoint what it reminds me of but it's not stanky or distracting at all!

Lipstick is lipstick and with my eating habits, no lipstick stands a chance! I will say that it leaves a nice tint of color even after you eat and that tint will last 3-4 hours!

I REALLY am impressed with these little guys and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering trying them out!

&& it just wouldn't be one of my posts if I didn't add a random something to it.

Haha! You guys like the gif I made? ^__^
I guess you guys know who my fav member is now!
I recently got a new camera and it was the same day as One Shot MV came out and I thought it was comical (me and my 1st grade humor -__-)!

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you liked the review! 

Bye for now~

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