Etude House Etoinette Tear Eye Liner Set Review & Comparison

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Hope all is well. I have super swamped at work lately and so this post has been chilling here in edit mode for about a week and a half now... sorry T__T! & I kind of haven't in the mood to sit and type out a review until today! So lesss ggoooo ~

As the title says this will be a review on the Etude House Etoinette Tear Liner Set #1!
It's soooo prettyyy *__*

I will also be comparing it to Etude House's other liquid liner as well as the infamous (and very amazing) Kpalette eyeliner!

I actually got this because I only had a bit left of my beloved KPalette eyeliner teehee

It comes a set of 2 liner items

First is the # 1 deep black liner. 
Second is # 1 veil tear


The black eyeliner actually has tiny specs of shimmers as you can see from the close up. You can barely see them when applied but the color is absolutely gorgeous when the light hits those shimmers!!

The veil tear is a beautiful combination of pearly pinky peach shimmers that just make your eyes really stand out when used! It really is just a sheer glittery liner that you can build up the bling factor with. 

I have really been into shimmery things lately. I used to never like sparkles on my face and nails until maybe 2 years ago when my cousin just made them look sooo gooodd pfahaha <3 p="">

Here's a brush comparison between the Etude House Oh M' Line eyeliner.I thought the brushes would be the same but the Oh M Line is actually much thinner and a bit longer. 

Both are very easy to use and draw precise lines! They are both brush tips so I find them very easy to draw nice lines with!

The picture above is a swatch comparison with the K-Palette Real lasting liner.


Etude House: 
one is a bit on the dark gray side. It also has a more squared off tip. The finish is also not as shiny as the K-Palette one so if you are into less shiny liquid liners, I think you will enjoy it!

The K-Palete liner:
more of a crisp black with a shiny finish. The brush is more like a very thin paint brush.


Etude House Etoinette Tear Liner Set - $11 (Ebay Seller: Rubyruby76) *limited edition
Etude House Oh M' Line eyeliner - $6  (Ebay Seller: HSCImports)
K-Palette Real lasting liner - $15 (Amazon)

Here are some pro's that very accurately describe all 3 of these liquid liners


Very easy to use (even for beginners & shaky hands people - like me!)
Stays on ALL day
No flaking
No smudging
No transferring to the bottom lashline
Easy to remove!
Water resistant? (The only actual water proof one is KPalette however I have no problem with the Etude House ones

They have equally amazing staying power and the quality of these liners are great!


Had to order them online - I really don't mind though

I honestly almost have no cons for these liners. The only small gripe I have is about the K-Palette one. If you can see, I accidently closed the cap with part of the brush so I have a little flyaway so you have to be careful with it.

 That's ALL :D!

Hope you guys liked this review/comparison! Let me know if you have any questions and such!

Bye for now ~

ftc: Bought these products myself :]

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