Innisfree it's real Houttuynia Cordata Sheet Mask Review

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Hello my blog party people!
I have been on a review posting rampage lately! I just have some things I wish to share my thoughts on so hopefully you don't mind!
So a few posts back, I reviewed a Dermal face mask and was left a little unimpressed. However, I just recently tried this Innisfree it's real Houttuynia Cordata mask and am BLOWN AWAY!
Let's move on the review! WOOSHHH ~

Unforunately I threw away the packaging already so I don't have the exact description of the mask. I will tell you what I do remember though! So basically this mask is supposed to make you skin hydrated. HAHA! That's all I remember x]

The low down on the mask:
  • The mask itself is SOOO soft!!
  • Has a nice light flowery-herbal scent! Very refreshing!
  • The essence felt less jelly like than the Dermal one and more cooling & liquidy
  • One-size fit all type of mask. You can adjust it according to your face shape/size quite easily
  • The mask sticks to your face very well! It didn't budge. I was actually dancing around XD
The directions say to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes. I left it on for 15-ish personally. You are supposed to rub in the essence and I actually did this time!

Thoughts after using the mask:
  • My face felt AMAZING!!! SO SMOOTH! SO SOFT! Ahhhh ~
  • My face looks brighter and moisturized
  • I think I am in love with Innisfree face masks now!

I won this mask along with a Tea Tree one from Innisfree from heyitseileen's contest and I WANT MORE! I have searched for them on Ebay but the prices are kinda steep for a few sheet masks. I might not get anymore any time soon but boy do I want more!!!

To those who are also located in the Northeast/affected by this giant blizzard:
please be safe ♥
This ish is SOOO CRAZYYYY!!! O_O 

Thanks so much for reading & hope you guys found this post helpful! Bye for now ~

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