Etude House Dear My Sweet Box #1 (Blooming Lips-talk PK027 & BE108)

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Hey everyone ~

How is everyone doing?! During the last Etude House Pink Day sale, I decided to pick up the Dear My Sweet Box #1 which contains the newest edition to the Etude House lipstick line; Blooming Lips-talk.

The box also included a pair of Etude House x Optical W sunglasses which may or may not have been one of the reasons why I caved in and got the box... :)

Etude House also offers a box #2 which contains more pinker shades but I always tend to gravitate towards the more peach-y colors so I went with box #1 which was on sale for $20 USD.

That is definitely a steal since these lipsticks usually go for $8-$11 and the sunglasses are a well known sunglasses/glasses brand from South Korea. Not bad, not bad!

Inside the Dream Box, the 2 lipsticks sit beneath the cavity that holds the sunglasses (also comes with a nice soft fabric carrying case).

Product Description: 
The lipstick makes the lips look attractive with vivid color and sensuous texture.

The  Dear My Blooming Lips-talk lipsticks come in 2 different formulations: Chiffon and Matte. Both promise to deliver vivid color and non-drying textures that should glide on smoothly. Sounds great right?

Let's get down into the details of the products inside the Dream Box:

PK027 is a warm bright pink that glides on very smoothly onto the lips. It is a bit drying despite the creamy finish but lasts a decent amount of time leaving a nice "just bitten/ ate a Popsicle recently" type of look. Super flattering on my light-medium, yellow undertone skin tone.

BE108 looks like a really pretty peach nude color but on my dark pigmented lips, it looks almost like concealer. This particular shade also dragged across my lips and was much too pale in color for me  :/. I had high hopes for this shade but it just didn't work out.

Onto the Etude x Optical W sunglasses! I saw Lily Maymac wearing these on Instagram but was intrigued! The quality is actually decent as well.

The material is made from a light rubberized plastic and fits perfect on my fairly flat face. It doesn't droop down my nose and stays put without leaving any markings on my nose which is fabulous!

I definitely want to try the Lily Maymac shade which is a gorgeous warm brown nude which are my weakness!!! She also rocks it like a boss and just makes everything look good...

Overall, I think these are decent lipsticks but you have to be careful with some of the shades because the formulation differs. If you are medium skin toned like me, you may also want to stay clear of the lighter peachier shades because they aren't particularly flattering for multiple reasons!

Thanks so much for reading & I hope everyone has a great week :).

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