Tony Moly x Pokemon Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher #2 Rose Coral Review

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Hi everyone!

I recently caved in and picked up one of the Tony Moly Pokemon Mini Cushion Blushers from their collaboration collection! They also came out with a cushion compact, lip tints, nail polishes and even eye shadow palettes. I highly recommend you guys checking it out because everything is SO CUTE!!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my thoughts on the blusher as it is fairly new and sometimes you can't help but question, "Is it really that good or is the packaging and product a gimmick?!". Hopefully my post helps you guys out!

There are 3 mini cushion blusher shades available but the one I chose is #2 Rose Coral which is a beautiful shade which will give you some subtle pikachu tinted cheeks :). I got this from the ebay seller f2plus1 for $10.

All 3 available shades comes with a different pikachu facial expression and it was pretty hard to choice between them. On to the review ~


Like other cushions, the mini blusher comes in a small palm size plastic compact with a mirror and adorable pokeball ruby cell to go with it!

It does come sealed as pictured below and you can save it to cover the cushion if you'd like. The cartridge does pop out so in the event that you want to buy a refill - that is totally possible!


It is a cushion type giving inside-filling shiny and resilient gloss and moist non-dying effect. Long lasting color with light oil-less and sticky-less adherence.


This cushion blusher has a light gel/gloss type of consistency until it is completely dried. It does take a bit to completely set due to the initial texture but once it does, it leaves a nice dewy stain on your cheeks.

It almost feels like a non-sticky lip gloss texture wise but it's quite nice once applied! It feels very light weight and quite comfortable to wear.


It has a light sweet candy-like scent. It isn't over powering in my opinion.


Although in the cushion pan, the color looks like a bright coral red, once applied it takes on a more subtle reddish rosy pink.

It is decently pigmented so don't let the lack of color on the sponge fool you! When you use the mini ruby cell to apply it, it takes on a darker rose shade which is GORGEOUS!

Lasting Power:

I honestly wasn't expecting too much in terms of lasting power and my hunch was correct. On me personally, it only lasts 3-4 hours which is pretty disappointing. Like I mentioned earlier, once the product completely dries, it leaves a beautiful stain but it fades fairly quickly. 

Perhaps if I set the liquid cushion blusher with a powder blush would most likely help it last longer but I have yet to confirm that theory :).

Overall, I think this a great blush; especially for you Pokemon & KBeauty lovers out there! Not only is it cute it is also functional item. I wouldn't say it is the most amazing blush I have ever used but I know I will get great use out of it when I was a brighter rosy shade. 

This type of shade is totally out of my comfort zone but it would be perfect on those minimal makeup days to accompany eyeliner, mascara and a neutral lipstick. I also absolutely love the finish and texture.

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts and seeing some close up pictures of this blush. Thanks so much for reading ~


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